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Skiathos is the closest island of Sporades to the mainland. It lies 41 nautical miles from the capital of the prefecture of Magnesia, Volos, and just 2.4 miles from the coast of southern Pelion.

The island covers an area of 48 sq km.

The island has lush vegetation and many famous beaches such as  Koukounaries, τη Banana, τη Μικρή και Mikri & Megali Aselinos, τη Megali Ammos, τα Lalaria, το Vromolimnos, Kanapitsa and Tsougria island.

In Skiathos Town,  Papadiamantis house is perfectly preserved, in order for the visitors to visit the place he was born and lived.

At the port of the town there is also Bourtzi, a small peninsula that separates the town in two pieces.




Skopelos comes second in order after  Skiathos. It has an area of about 96 sq mm and 67 km perimeter. It has two mountains, Palouki (565 m) and Delphi (680 m). Filled with dense forests that cover almost the 80% of its extent, it is considered the greenest island in the Aegean.

In northern and eastern part of Skopelos coasts are rocky, while the south and west slopes create the wonderful lush beaches.

On the south side you can find some of the most famous beaches, such as Stafylos, Velanio, Agnontas, Limnonari, Panormos, Adrines, Milia, Kastani, Elios, Armenopetra, St. John in Kastri and many others, full of green due to the pine forest.



Alonissos is located in the Aegean Sea and is an island of Sporades.

Alonissos has a total area of 64.5 sq km and the length of the coast is approximately 67 km. Its maximum length is about 20 km and its width is 3 to 4.5 km.

Southwest it is separated from  Skopelos with Alonissos Strait, range 2 liner mile and at northeast from  Pelagonisi island,with Pelagonisi Strait, range 3,5 liner mile.

Patitiri Bay is the  port of the island, from where you can take the ferry to Volos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Thessaloniki.

Morphologically the Island is distinguished in northern mountainous and southern lowland area. Major peaks are Geladara hills (456 m) and Kouvouli (475 m) which along with those of Skopelos, constitute a continuous mountain arc. In the southern flat part, we can locate the villages, while in the wild and rocky shores we can find the caves of seals and wild pigeons.

Also on the island and the surrounding islets, goats similar to the so-called ” kri-kri “of Crete, Antimilos and Symi are located .

Some of the representative beaches are, Agios Dimitrios, Kokkinokastro, Leftos Gialos, Megalos Mourtias, Milia and Xrisi Milia.